Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am a Mom that loves Shoes and Technology

Ah Ah! I wrote that piece almost one year ago and as I was re-reading it, I realized that it is really a good description of me.

Here it is (and you can find the original article here) :

So sue me, I don't care.
After the love I have for my family, technology and shoes come right after and not necessary in that order.
There is ALWAYS a good reason to wear you heels and I am always short of one pair of shoes. My preference goes to stilettos and anything else that makes me appear taller.
I love shoes that are elegant and that makes me look like I have excellent taste. Unfortunately, I passed my love for shoes to my daughter, who now wear my size and begs me to let her wear my heels.
I also love, love, love technology. I can get all excited by a new cellphone, a laptop or tethering my Android phone to my laptop.
My cellphone is a HTC EVO 4G and my laptop is only 15 months old-too soon to replace. To make calls I use my cellphone line, Google Voice, Magic Jack (yes, I have 3 phone numbers) and I make videocalls with my family in Canada using Skype (because its the least complicated option for them).
I go everywhere with my Toshiba laptop. Not having internet is not a problem:I go online with the help of my Android. My laptop is my life. Only because everything is on it. My life in pictures and videos, my movies, my books and my stories (I am a wanna be writer). I love to blog, to Stumble and to lazily surf online.
Maybe a Tablet to Love
I would love to add a tablet to my love of technology, but I haven't find the perfect one. What use could I have of it, you ask? Well, its not because I have a laptop that I couldn't have a use for a tablet. I could watch movies in bed, write books in bed, cook my favorites recipes with it and use every characteristics as I see fit.
But I have to be honest. I don't know that much about computer, I use (or abuse, depending of what I don't know and what I want to know) my brother, the Apple lover, or my husband, Darth Vader.
I am also cheap, despite my love for shoes and expensive gadgets. I buy everything on sale. I shop for my shoes online (my need for one weakness explains my other weakness) or wait for big sales. I love Black Friday and end of season sales. I guess that I justify my need for heels and shiny new gadgets by savvy shopping.
Please tell me I am not the only one loving those things.

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