Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am a Mom that loves Shoes and Technology

Ah Ah! I wrote that piece almost one year ago and as I was re-reading it, I realized that it is really a good description of me.

Here it is (and you can find the original article here) :

So sue me, I don't care.
After the love I have for my family, technology and shoes come right after and not necessary in that order.
There is ALWAYS a good reason to wear you heels and I am always short of one pair of shoes. My preference goes to stilettos and anything else that makes me appear taller.
I love shoes that are elegant and that makes me look like I have excellent taste. Unfortunately, I passed my love for shoes to my daughter, who now wear my size and begs me to let her wear my heels.
I also love, love, love technology. I can get all excited by a new cellphone, a laptop or tethering my Android phone to my laptop.
My cellphone is a HTC EVO 4G and my laptop is only 15 months old-too soon to replace. To make calls I use my cellphone line, Google Voice, Magic Jack (yes, I have 3 phone numbers) and I make videocalls with my family in Canada using Skype (because its the least complicated option for them).
I go everywhere with my Toshiba laptop. Not having internet is not a problem:I go online with the help of my Android. My laptop is my life. Only because everything is on it. My life in pictures and videos, my movies, my books and my stories (I am a wanna be writer). I love to blog, to Stumble and to lazily surf online.
Maybe a Tablet to Love
I would love to add a tablet to my love of technology, but I haven't find the perfect one. What use could I have of it, you ask? Well, its not because I have a laptop that I couldn't have a use for a tablet. I could watch movies in bed, write books in bed, cook my favorites recipes with it and use every characteristics as I see fit.
But I have to be honest. I don't know that much about computer, I use (or abuse, depending of what I don't know and what I want to know) my brother, the Apple lover, or my husband, Darth Vader.
I am also cheap, despite my love for shoes and expensive gadgets. I buy everything on sale. I shop for my shoes online (my need for one weakness explains my other weakness) or wait for big sales. I love Black Friday and end of season sales. I guess that I justify my need for heels and shiny new gadgets by savvy shopping.
Please tell me I am not the only one loving those things.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The difference between motherhood and parenthood

Today, I learned what is the difference between motherhood and parenthood. I wasn't even aware that there was a difference, probably because one is so close to the other. Also, I have been a mother as long as I have been a parent.

As a mother, my role is to love, nurture, dry tears, encourage and support them. As a parent, my role is to educate, show the difference between right and wrong and to be a teacher to my children. For me, those two roles are so close to each other, like a soft high quality woven cotton,  that I can hardly differentiate them.

Let me explain : I asked E, my daughter, to clean the bathroom and she did it. The problem is that she missed so many spots... she cut corners, forgot the light fixtures, didn't clean behind the toilet and she also didn't empty the basket. I assumed that she knew what I wanted, how I wanted it done but I was wrong.

The problem is that I never showed her how to clean the bathroom nor have I shared my expectations of her with her. I haven't done my parenting job. I'm not going to lose sleep over it. It's just one of many lessons that comes with being a mom.

How come I could have miss the difference between the two? I feel so dumb that it took so long for me to see it!

But now I know, and with that knowledge, I am going, like now, to show E how to clean that damn bathroom.

Monday, January 30, 2012

What happened today? Teething!

Baby G is drooling
Today went surprisingly... well. G is starting the painful process of teething and my heart goes to my little man. He is drooling so much that I had to change his bib. And I am not talking about the fact that he eats his fists so badly that he makes himself gag. :(

But he is behaving like a champ. For some reason, it makes him sleep more. The bad news that came out of this situation, is that he doesn't STAY asleep! But I take the good and the bad.

One doctor told me once that teething is one of the most painful milestone a baby has to go through. And after my wisdom tooth decided to grow when I was 23, I do believe he is right. For me, it felt as if my whole jaw was stuck in a wise-grip and that somebody was tightening it for the sole purpose of hurting me.  Just imagining that my baby has to go through this breaks my heart and makes me want to hold him and kiss him senseless.

During the few naps that G took today, I was able to cook some lactation cookies and I was even able to cook a whole dinner! The first time in weeks!

I made the lactation cookies yesterday and since it is better to cook them while they are cold, I put them in my sunroom to cool them down and I just didn't have enough time to bake them. I don't know if I will actually produce more milk because I eat them, but they are soooo good that I don't really mind eating them!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Teenager : Mom, what did you like the most about your pregnancies ?

Me : Nothing

Teenager : Common' mom, there most have been ONE thing ?

After reflection : Yes! When it was over!

Teenager : o_0

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why I am pissed

I have a confession to make. Darn it. Just thinking about it is pissing me off.

Let me share with you why I am so upset.

I am part of a group of ladies whose babies are all born in November 2011, just like G. We mostly talk about nothing and everything, exchanges tips and advices and find comfort in each other for most of the pains, big or small, real or imaginary, that comes with motherhood.

I try not to judge because I hate being the one that is being judge. But some things just get to me and piss me off.

So there this lady that "had" two dogs before having her first baby. But since baby came, she is too scared that the dogs will attack the baby because one of the dogs has showed aggression to her niece.

I know some of you will find her actions noble and ... right. Heck, even me I find her actions right! But still, I am pissed off!

I have two dogs and one of them, a rescue, is aggression towards other dogs and because of that, she is NEVER left alone with the baby. Good thing that she is not interested by him at all. Isn't even fazed by the screaming and crying.

I consider her to be in probation. The day she will show any type of aggression or bad behavior to G, she is gone.

Maybe I am pissed at the lady because she forces me to think of the day where maybe, I'll have to take the same decision she just took.

An Important Lesson

Last night, Darth Vader (my dear husband) and I decided that we needed a new coffee maker (and I kind of agree, since I am a coffee-hoolic). So, while G was in a good mood, we left him in his big sister's capable hands. Before we left, I showed E how to hold G when he was crying and I reminded her that sometimes, a baby cries because... a baby cries... and not to let it distress her.

So I left, confident that things would be fine.

Oh my, was I wrong. We left E with G for a total of 1:30 and when we opened the door, E quickly dropped G in my arms and started to cry. To sob, actually. I felt horrible when she started to tell me that he cried non-stop and that she tried everything to calm him down. Diaper change, tried to feed him, to rock him, to bounce him... nothing worked.

I think that she felt as if it was her fault if he was like that. Or that she felt guilty that she wasn't able to make him stop crying.

But the truth is that G was having a bad day. The kind of bad day that makes you re-consider motherhood.

And as tired as I am right now, I can say that there is a little part of me that is glad that G was having a bad day yesterday, because E saw that even me, the Mother, couldn't get him to stop or to sleep.

Yeah, I am a strange mom. Not because I found comfort in my baby's cries, but because E was able to see her baby brother cry from 5:30pm up until...1:43am (yes, I noted the time) and there is nothing I did that helped him. My daughter learned an important lesson yesterday. Baby cries because baby cries.

That's it. That's all.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The (in)Famous WubbaNub

AHHHH! If you don't know what is a WubbaNub, it's because you don't have a baby.

A WubbaNub ( is an overpriced pacifier (smoothie) attached to a plush animal and it is a very trendy tool to have because your baby can hold it while he sucks his little heart away. The only reason why I cave in, is because when G, my little man, use his paci, he doesn't suck much on it and it is always falling down. After talking with moms that swears by the WubbaNub, I decided, against my better judgement, to buy one because the plush animal helps in keeping the paci in.

The reasons I didn't want to get one, are :

1) The money. 13$ on eBay. If G likes it, its totally worth it. If he doesn't like it, I'm screwed, because of reason #2:

2) You can't take off the pacifier. Yeah, you got that right. The monkey comes with the paci and when the paci is no good anymore, you buy another WubbaNub.

So I'm crossing my fingers G will like it because so far, the only paci he likes, is the GumDrop. So that would make a VERY expensive plush-animal-pacifier.

After looking online, I got a monkey, that I named Archibald Chimpmunk, because I obviously lack of imagination. I didn't use him yet, because G is having a WONDER WEEK, better known as a growth spur, which means that he is cranky as hell and now is not the time to introduce something new.

I will edit this post by adding a pic of G with it, is he likes it.

EDIT : G is not too sure about Chimpmunk. Let's see...

I don't know if he is happy to NOT have it in his mouth... or if he smiled because I was taking a picture!